About us

The Foundation Girona Guardianship is an independent, non profit organization established in 2003 whose main purpose is to defend, promote, develop and extend the rights of people who suffer from mental health disabilities, intellectual disabilities or cognitive impairment related to old age, whilst enabling individuals to pursue their well-being, ensure their dignity and preserve their autonomy through legal protection and social support. Since our organization’s inception, we’ve provided protection and support to more than 1,200 people, of which more than 700 are still actively receiving it in a territory of 700, 000 inhabitants (Province of Girona).

Overall, 49% of our user base is people who suffer from severe mental disorders, 27% experiment intellectual disability, 19% live with advanced dementia and the remaining 5% are users whose diagnosis is dificult to classify. The Foundation promotes social support and therapeutic intervention by allocating 66% of its human resources to a specific area working jointly with professionals allocated in economic management or legal defence. The Foundation operates under the Catalan Civil Law framework, pioneer in voluntary support and assistance mechanisms.